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Post by Affo » Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:14 am

This isn't a person/political side bashing, just a complete WOW!!! what has happened to politics over the last few years?

Irrespective of which side I support, I just find the whole UK political situation to be quite unbelievable at present and has been heading this way I think ever since the decision for a Brexit vote. Those people get paid a decent wage (not as much as many think) to supposedly bring the voice of the people to Parliament, though now it seems (whichever side you are on), it's just a means to try and get up the political ladder by any means.

Quite dumfounded to be honest, and I thought the USA political shenanigans was amusing, bet UK is now the laughing stock!

Please keep any responses non personal or party bashing.
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