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This isn't a person/political side bashing, just a complete WOW!!! what has happened to politics over the last few years?

Irrespective of which side I support, I just find the whole UK political situation to be quite unbelievable at present and has been heading this way I think ever since the decision for a Brexit vote. Those people get paid a decent wage (not as much as many think) to supposedly bring the voice of the people to Parliament, though now it seems (whichever side you are on), it's just a means to try and get up the political ladder by any means.

Quite dumfounded to be honest, and I thought the USA political shenanigans was amusing, bet UK is now the laughing stock!

Please keep any responses non personal or party bashing.
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Re: Politics!!

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Yeah its the same in the USA - our junior high and high schools, colleges, and the media teach lies, a hatred for America, and do not teach the truth - then the people who eventually become adults vote and then we end up with morons. Currently they think they can shut down the economy for weeks and weeks and we will all just be fine no biggy. Oh they also think there is no need for police.

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