Pairs Matchplay Season 2 Week 3

Post here anything to do with the The Divisions (PairUp) tourney.
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Pairs Matchplay Season 2 Week 3

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Week 3 uses Division Pairs June's Period 3 scores:

Div 1:

Rong_Road -v- Foot Wedge
Excellers -v- Thumbs of Fire
The Old Fart's -v- Dumb and Dumber
Pinball -v- BuckMels
Canadian Canucks -v- The Calibrators

Div 2:

Duffs A Lot -v- Good ole Duffers
Skeggy Hackers -v- Flopv92c
SAS -v- SkipShuff
Itchy Butts -v- Tony2x
The Mighty Reds -v- Loopy Golf Freaks
The scores may be unrealistic, or even a joke but heyho, that's what we got.

Play well and enjoy your game everyone! :drinks:

btw, not a game for snowflakes. ... dgs0U6nODQ
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