How do I get a Ladder Match 9?

Post here anything to do with the PGLS 9 and Match 9 ladders.
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How do I get a Ladder Match 9?

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I'm relatively new to JNPG, started playing May 10, 2019. I signed up at PGLS for Match 9. When I click on "public" Tournaments in the game, the Divisions, PGA 9, the Stableford, and the PGA 18 show on my screen if the tournament is active. I've never seen a Ladder Match in there, and when I go to the Multi-player lobby, there are no Ladder Matches there either.

I've gone to the PGLS website, and selected Random Game Generator, but it doesn't show up anywhere, or I'm looking in the wrong place. Where can I see my Ladder Match, how will anyone on the same Ladder, know I have a Ladder Match open? Not concerned with rank at the moment. Would just like to play a few to see how it goes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, including if I have posted this in the wrong place.

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Re: How do I get a Ladder Match 9?

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To create a ladder match eg PGLS 9 use createAgame (CAG). Click on Create a new game ...


Once you have done so make sure one of them is active and it will appear in PUBLIC - TOURNAMENTS in-game.

All you need do then is invite someone to play either via the PG Lobby or the PGLS M & G chatroom.
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