PGLS Ryder Cup 2021

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Re: PGLS Ryder Cup 2021

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If I remember correctly seems like we have more Tour Players and Pro's signing up. I think it is because we have better players and it has been 2 years since the last Cup. I was just considering being a Captain and it would be easier to have just the two categories to pick from. Why is it so hard to find members who want to be Captains? Maybe if we make the job easier we will get more candidate's. Just a thought.
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Re: PGLS Ryder Cup 2021

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I'm not so sure it is that difficult. :hmmm:

They have plenty of tournies to choose from, where they can clearly see who the best players are. The 2 Vice Captains can also help out if need be so it's not really a job the captain has to do on their own.

Currently we are short of Amateur players on both sides (International 3 and USA 2) and it may be that we will have to make changes nearer the time that sign-ups close.
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