Final Standings - Week 231

This tourney is not for the feint hearted, namby pambie or lily livered players. No perfect greens here. You have been warned!
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Final Standings - Week 231

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Congrats to PurpleTurf on winning the Tough Stuff 9 tourney for Week 231 with a score of 135 (-5)

 Tour Pro 
Congrats to Riddler and TBone on sharing the Tough Stuff 9 tourney for Week 231 with a score of 137 (-3)

Thanks to all 15 players who played at least one round, the same as last week.

To view the details for Week 231 click on the following link ...

A Tough Stuff 9 Honours Board is also available ...

In all 6 players completed all 4 rounds, up 1 on last week.

The remaining 9 players completed the following number of Rounds ...

3 Rounds: 2 players
2 Rounds: 3 players
1 Round: 4 players
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