PGLS Stats' Bit on the Side

Here you will find stats & more besides by Affo our resident Stat man.
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Re: PGLS Stats' Bit on the Side

Post by Affo »

Thanks Armand,

But when you did get to change I assume to your name, all the numbers changed ok?

Waiting for some excel gurus to come back to me. Would be ideal to have that cell clickable online...we'll see.
The scores may be unrealistic, but the game is good.

Play well and enjoy your game everyone! :drinks: ... dgs0U6nODQ

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Re: PGLS Stats' Bit on the Side

Post by Armand »

My name isn't listed, as I haven't played since the stats started being collected. I'm pretty sure the stats did change when I selected various players, though. I haven't used "Excel Online", but I recall when using Google Docs, I had to make the sheet fully edittable by anyone accessing the link. For that reason, I maintained a "back-up" sheet, in case the Google Docs one became (inadvertently?) wrecked.

I'm not very familiar with Excel Online, but when you protect an Excel sheet, you have the option of enabling "AutoFilter". This allows users to select the dropdowns and use them "normally". I don't know if an Excel Online sheet can be protected in a similar manner,though.

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