PGLS Presidents Cup

In here you will find everything to do with the PGLS Presidents Cup.
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Please can all scheduling take place in the Four-ball, Foursomes and Singles forums supplied so that we have visibility of the efforts made to arrange the matches.
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PGLS Presidents Cup

Post by Mwh65 »

With all 30 matches now played congrats once again go to the International team on winning the PGLS Presidents Cup ...

International 18 USA 12

Thanks to the Captains, Vice-Captains and especially the players of both teams on getting all the matches organised and played on time.

Hopefully we will see some familiar faces for next years Ryder Cup, penciled in for September 1st 2020.

:drinks: :clapping:
Mark Holliday (Mwh65)
(PGLS Owner)

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Re: PGLS Presidents Cup

Post by Perculator »

And thank you Mark for everything you do to make things happen around here .... hats off sir.

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Re: PGLS Presidents Cup

Post by Kimmer1947 »

What Perc said....thank you, Mark.
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Re: PGLS Presidents Cup

Post by Riddler »

JNPG would be nothing if not for this site. Thanks Mark for keeping this excellent game not only alive but always working on making it better. Words are not enough to show my appreciation!
David Duvail
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Re: PGLS Presidents Cup

Post by David Duvail »

Congratulations to all the International player for a well played match, and also to the USA members who played.
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