Gibbius and Skutrue

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Gibbius and Skutrue

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Hey, we played an official match I set up. The guy had the nerve to quit out on the 8th hole and was online for awhile but then went offline. I want credit for winning this match.
I don't know how to post images directly.

I have had a history with this guy. He intentionally quit on me. After he left the game he was online in steam for 10 minutes. I'm just trying to get more games in for my ladder rank, he took advantage of me. I love this game, and I haven't been here for a long time. I just want to be able to play this game, ranked or unranked, with people who don't do this kinda thing. We obviously set this up as a ranked game, and he made no attempt to reconnect.

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Re: Gibbius and Skutrue

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Raise a Match Dispute on the following page ...

Mark Holliday (Mwh65)
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Re: Gibbius and Skutrue

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Please do open the dispute. It will automatically prevent the player from further competition whilst in place, and we can close it out quickly with your supporting evidence. We cannot award the match without the dispute being opened.

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