Added to the Course Detail Sheet

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Added to the Course Detail Sheet

Post by RandyG »

Hello Players,

I've added a few columns to the course detail sheet on the courses page.

First you will see a "FPS" column; these fps's are from my computer and might not reflect your own computers fps's.

I've also included "Meters" to the yardages and sea Level area's. Note that I made meters 'approximate' to yards. 1 Yards is 0.9144 meters.
I tried to get it as close as possible for not being an expert in meters.

As you move over to the "Version" tab I've added next to it a "Rating" column; an note this is only my opinion.
Next to the rating column you will find "Course Notes". My opinion only also.
Next to the course notes you can find the scoring method I use to evaluate a course which is only my opinion too.

Anyone can have a different view of a course but this will give you an idea of the course in question.

These added columns are a work in progress and will change daily as I play the courses.

I hope the course detail sheet will come in handy in some way.



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