Hole 14

Fun tourney available to play from Wednesday to Monday inclusive. No 'Order of Merit' points.
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Hole 14

Post by LinksPro »

How is everyone getting on the green on hole 14 this week? The game puts you under a bench. I tried chipping, pitching and full shots and hit the bench every time.
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Re: Hole 14

Post by davefv92c »

I WENT UP A CLUB USED full LOW, whoops, english and hit it a dot and a half short
i still never held the green but it will get out from under the bench just holding the green is hard
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Re: Hole 14

Post by Golferdee »

I have used the selected club but also gone full low for the shot and that has worked so far.

My nemesis is hole 8 - missed all 6 shots so far
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Re: Hole 14

Post by TBone »

56w, max low loft. Full shot, not pitch, clears the bench with enough loft to hold it. Power 4 or 5 dots depending on where pin is. Both shots hold the green.

Even the 60w low loft clears the bench some time, but not all.

Good luck!
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Re: Hole 14

Post by NIBNOB »

5wood low full shot 3.2 dots caliber ball :)
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