Post in here anything to do with the PGLS Tours tourney.
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Post by davefv92c »

you know I have watched this from the start and something I have noticed is
the Continental tour settings are hardly ever as hard as the settings for the American tour
since we all work from the same career earnings page should these setting sort of mirror the 2 tours
like this week on the continental tour 2 rounds are in calm, all rounds in the American have breezy winds set
no hard greens on the continental, yet a round in the American tour with hard greens. don't you fellas that set these
believe the setting should kind of mimic each other to make it all fair when it comes down to the fact we all compete
for the same career earnings each season? I have been wanting to ask this for a long time now and since I am in my last weeks
as a setter and a mod, I figured what better time than now to ask.
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Re: Settings

Post by Mwh65 »

Unless I'm mistaken we set the courses conditions based on the current weather conditions in play at where the course is and that has always been the case.
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Re: Settings

Post by Affo »

Dave, each Tour plays for their own points. So the fact that one is perceived easy than the other makes no difference, there is only 100pts available for that event to the winner, same as the harder event.

Where it does reflect is in the stats as if one is easy or harder, this will show up there in fairways hit, GIR and average scores, birdies etc, etc.
The scores may be unrealistic, or even a joke but heyho, that's what we got.

Play well and enjoy your game everyone! :drinks:

btw, not a game for snowflakes. ... dgs0U6nODQ
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Re: Settings

Post by JMK59 »

One week the American Tour may be set up (by JMK59) and be the "harder" play based on local weather, the next week the Continental Tour (set by Riddler) may be the "harder" play. Local weather and location dictate what we pick for conditions.

Part of the career strategy is to use your guest tour picks to maximize your points. Pick what you think might be the easier play. You can try to predict what the weather may be, but it's usually a moving target. And...if everyone else picks that "easier" play event, the field of players is stacked.
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Re: Settings

Post by Riddler »

Dave has brought this to my attention before. I stretch those conditions but can only go so far. Like this week conditions are very calm but I did add some wind to the forecast. Best I can do and still stay true to the tournament.
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