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Skillz (CTP)
Welcome to the Skillz (CTP) where you play 4 rounds of single shot holes. Please note this is a fun tourney only and no 'Order of Merit' points are given.

You get 2 attempts on each hole and whichever shot lands the nearest counts for the points. If neither of your shots land on the green you get -250 points deducted! Get either of your shots in the hole and you get 1,000 points! Deliberate disconnections result in a Penatly Points deduction of 500 points for each disconnection.

The Skillz (CTP) tourney is played at a different time to our other tournies so as to fill in the gap on Thursdays when the other tournies are closed. Skillz (CTP) runs from Wednesday 00:00:00 to Monday 23:59:59 GMT/BST every week.

If you wish to take part please click here and then select Yes against Skillz (CTP).

Please make sure you have checked that your Steam ID is valid and that you are using a player that is set to the same level as your PGLS Level. If it isn't then you may not be able to start the Skillz (CTP) tourney or it will not record the score once you have completed the round.

Take a look at the following forum topic to see how to set your PLAYER correctly in the PG game

Setting PG player level

If you invite players to a round, they need to also make sure that they have signed up to PGLS, have a valid Steam ID and that they are using a player that is set to the same level as their PGLS Level, otherwise they will also be unable to have their score added to the Skillz (CTP) tourney.

Please note that if you leave the Skillz (CTP) tourney when it is open and you have played any rounds, you will be prevented from rejoining the Skillz (CTP) tourney for the duration it is still open.

All settings for each round are set by the Perfect Golf API system. Details on this can be found below in the How it works section

Rounds can be played solo or with others up to a maximum of 8. Players are able to play along with others in any round they have already completed. However their scores will not be counted.

Each round can be played in any order. This should help get matches played to fit in with other players who are available to play at the same time as you.

How it works
All matches can only be played directly from the Perfect Golf game. To do so please click on TOURNAMENTS down the left, then click on PUBLIC.

You will then see the Skillz (CTP) listed and the next round you haven't played. All rounds are resumable which is indicated against each round with Resume.

You can stream / record your round on Twitch TV if you like. Click the following link on how to do this ...

Twitch TV