Scorecard question

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Scorecard question

Post by Zoysiadude »

After you finish a round, is there a way to see a scorecard? Only way I see my score now is by coming back in the PGLS and getting a message from Private Message.
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Re: Scorecard question

Post by Armand »

Not sure what to suggest.

If you have turned off the post-shot screen, I thought the end of the game may just end. (For me, the game displays the scorecard and then the round statistics at the end of the round). I just tried a one-hole round and even with the post-shot menu turned off, the scorecard still popped open after the hole ended.

Probably not the best suggestion, but you could enable the scorecard/leaderboard at the end of each hole (in GAME, SETTINGS, bottom row of top section). See if that pops up the scorecard/leaderboard; you may see the scorecard way more often than you want!

Failing that, try verifying your game files in Steam.
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Re: Scorecard question

Post by Mwh65 »

In-game the leaderboard should pop-up after every hole IF it is "On" in SETTINGS - GAME. In the VISUAL section look for SCORECARD / LEADERBOARD at End of Hole.

2021-05-12 08_38_41-Perfect Golf.png

If it's "On" a leaderboard will appear after every hole including the last one.

If it's an actual breakdown of your round regarding scores you are after, go to the PGLS leaderboard of the tourney you just played and you can click on any of the rounds scores you played which will show a full scorecard including stats.
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