HOW TO : Stream your rounds using Discord

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HOW TO : Stream your rounds using Discord

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Firstly please make sure you have installed Discord and joined the PGLS channel. Take a look at this topic to see how to do so ...


To stream your round, which you can do whether or not you are hosting the match do the following ...

1. Open PG in the usual manner then open Discord and go to the PGLS Channel. You should see in the bottom left corner ...

2021-06-08 17_07_54-general - Discord.png
2021-06-08 17_07_54-general - Discord.png (10.2 KiB) Viewed 27 times

Click on the icon circled in red. In the new window there are additional options to increase the "Resolution" and "Frame Rate" but only if you subscribe to "Discord Nitro". Either way click on "Go Live" to start streaming.

2021-06-08 17_27_55-general - Discord.png

This will allow others in the same Discord channel as you to view your stream which they can do by clicking on your name ...

2021-06-08 17_12_53-general - Discord.png

then in the new window that appears click on "Watch Stream" ...

2021-06-08 20_07_11-general - Discord.png

To stop streaming your round click on the icon next to Perfect Golf in the bottom left corner ...

2021-06-08 17_15_52-general - Discord.png
2021-06-08 17_15_52-general - Discord.png (15.9 KiB) Viewed 27 times

Currently the number of players that can view your stream is 25, although it was originally 10 before the current pandemic hit The figure of 25 would appear to be correct although there was talk of it being as high as 50.
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