HOW TO : Change your meter colours

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HOW TO : Change your meter colours

Post by Mwh65 »

Please note these settings only apply to players using Mouse Swing.

Current console defaults:
game_upColor 181,171,29,199
game_downColor 14,103,17,199

game_upColor is the colour of the up swing
game_downColor is the colour of the downswing

Values are Red(1-255), Green,(1-255), Blue(1-255), transparency(1-199)

Example for a white upswing would be game_upColor 255,255,255,199

Website for converting colours to RGB values ...

For settings to take effect at start up automatically, put these settings in the autoexec.cfg

The autoexec.cfg file location can be found in the "Perfect Golf" folder normally found under "Steam" ...

C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Perfect Golf/Config

If the file is not there, you'll have to create a text file called autoexec.cfg
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Re: HOW TO : Change your meter colours

Post by davefv92c »

here is a autoexec.cfg file all you have to do is download it and put it in the folder listed above by Mark
these settings are for colors that seem to be kind to my eyes. if you do not like my colors here is a website with all the color numbers
you will need to change them to something that you may find kind to your eyesite.

have a good day
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