Suggested rules changes for Survivor

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Suggested rules changes for Survivor

Post by mwalimu »

The current rules ( rules.php?ruleset=28 ) for Survivor date from a time when there were more active players on PGLS and we'd typically get 75-100 players in the first round. That number has dropped over time to the point that in the most recent period, there were only 40 participants in period 1 and thus every participant passed by default. I would like to suggest altering the rules a bit so that a maximum percentage of Period 1 participants qualify to advance to the next Period, with the cap cascading into subsequent periods.

I shall also suggest that the current rules remain in effect for the remainder of the current season, and any rule changes arising from this discussion should not take effect until the next season begins. At this writing, we just started Period 8 (of 10) in Season 13, so this would mean the changes would go into effect at the start of Season 14.

At the end of round 1, the top 40 or 80% of the Period 1 participants, whichever is less, plus ties, advance to round 2.
At the end of round 2, the top 20 or 50% of the Period 2 qualifiers, whichever is less, plus ties, advance to round 3.
At the end of round 3, the top 10 or 50% of the Period 3 qualifiers, whichever is less, plus ties, advance to round 4.

Possible specifics to work out:
The 80% figure is up for discussion and we could consider a different value. PGLS Open uses 75% so maybe we should use that instead.
How to round when the percentages aren't whole numbers? Always go up, or to the nearest integer? Or maybe trust Mwh65 how to handle this one?
When ties increase the number of qualifiers, do those count toward percentages of later rounds? For example, if we get 32 period 1 qualifiers advancing to period 2, the "hypothetical" number for moving on round 3 is 16. Suppose that due to ties the actual number is 20. At the end of period 3 when determining qualifiers, should we use 50% of the hypothetical (i.e. 8) or 50% of the actual with ties (i.e. 10)? Note that in no case would the cutoffs exceed the 40/20/10 values under the original rules other than ties.

A possible simpler alternative to the above: Use % of participants for round 1 only (at least for now) and stick with the current 20/10 limits for later rounds.

Thoughts, ideas, discussion welcome.

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Re: Suggested rules changes for Survivor

Post by TBone »

I'm ok with adjusting the cut for Round 1 for your reasons noted. Whether that # is a percentage (80/90/or 75%) is one option, and the other option is a set number, like somewhere around 32-35. I think the remaining rounds should stay as they are, 20 cut for round 2, 10 cut after round 3.
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Re: Suggested rules changes for Survivor

Post by bbbuckshot1 »

I see no real reason to change the format - so what if most players make it through to Round 2
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Re: Suggested rules changes for Survivor

Post by Riddler »

I agree, if it's not broke why fix it. We do get over 40 players, the majority of the time, so some don't make it to round 2. If we don't get to 40 players there is no reason all should not be able to go to round 2. More often than not, the bottom of the 40 won't make it to the top 20 anyway but at least they get to compete for at least one more round.
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