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Alternate 9 (Stroke / Match)
The Alternate 9 ladder is a team ladder where you play games against other teams. Each team consists of 2 players offering both head-to-head matchplay for a competitor and partner against an opponent pairing, and strokeplay for as many as four pairs to compete against each other. Both match and strokeplay are played using the alternate shot format.

Utilizing PGLS's createAgame functionality, players can either choose to challenge their own and their opponents skills on a random set of conditions, or tailor a venue and set of conditions exactly how they wish.

The Alternate 9 team ladder introduces a 'skill ratings' measure, which will determine your place in the competition. We always seek to have all abilities of player, playing at all levels, involved together and most importantly, playing against each other. The following is our way of ensuring as fair and balanced a competition as possible.

We all play at different levels, be that Hacker, Amateur, Pro or Tour Pro. Each level steps up the level of challenge in being exacting in all the shot types, with the dispersion of a shot more or less doubling as each level increases. This means that players who are not confident at levels such as Pro and Tour Pro can choose the lower levels, but much of the time can out-drive higher ability players with little penalty for a missed snap, or can pepper the pin when close in.

Taking the idea that the game doubles in difficulty with each step, we then assign each level 'factor points', 20 for Hacker, 30 for Amateur, 40 for Pro and 50 for Tour Pro.

This 'factor points' are used alongside that of your partner, who could be a different level of ability to you, or the same. The two 'factor points' are added together.

As an example we can use the following as a scenario ...

Amateur / Pro defeated Tour Pro / Hacker

In the above scenario the winning pair of Amateur / Pro have a combined 'factor points' of 70 (30 + 40) whilst the losing pair of Tour Pro / Hacker have a combined 'factor points' of 70 (50 + 20). Each winning player takes half of the losing pairs combined 'factor points' + 50 bonus points each for winning. Each losing player loses half of their pairs combined 'factor points'.

This is a form of 'odds-based' weighting of predicted match outcomes which should mean all players have a realistic chance of competing against each other.

Each player starts with 1500 points and are on the ladder as individuals rather than as a team, meaning more play is possible.

The above means that all players, regardless of level the game is played at, will feel they have a chance to progress and 'beat the odds' in securing the best placing they can in the competition.

Players must play a match within 7 days of the last. Failure to do so within the time limit will see that player lose 500 points. After 3 successive deductions that player will be removed from the Alternate 9 ladder.