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Mid Week Challenge
Welcome to the Mid Week Challenge tourney where you play 1 round of 9 holes using the Stableford format ...

• Albatross: 5 points
• Eagle: 4 points
• Birdie: 3 points
• Par: 2 points
• Bogey: 1 point
• Double Bogey or worse: 0 points

Scores are added to a monthly leaderboard for a chance to be at the top if it at the end of each month!!

The Mid Week Challenge tourney is played on Wednesday 19:45:00 GMT/BST every week, exclusivley from within the M & G chatrooms and is open for 15 hours.

If you wish to take part please click here. Once in M & G and just prior to the start time, show your intent on playing by changing your status to looking to play a Mid Week Challenge.

A Live Leaderboard is available for anyone not taking part who wishes to see how players are getting on.

Please make sure you have checked that your Steam ID is valid and that you are using a player that is set to the same level as your PGLS Level. If it isn't then you may not be able to start the Mid Week Challenge tourney or it will not record the score once you have completed the round.

Take a look at the following forum topic to see how to set your PLAYER correctly in the PG game

Setting PG player level

If you invite players to a round, they need to also make sure that they have signed up to PGLS, have a valid Steam ID and that they are using a player that is set to the same level as their PGLS Level, otherwise they will also be unable to have their score added to the Mid Week Challenge tourney.