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PGLS 9 can be played on any course with any combination of 9 holes in Stroke mode using either createAgame to create a match or alternatively using the Random Game Generator.

All players must agree on the style of match beforehand. If the players cannot agree then the ladder match should be setup using the Random Game Generator.

The PGLS 9 ladder policy on disconnections and the Match Disputes rules can be found here.

The winner of a match will move up the ladder half the distance between the players. The losing player moves down the ladder by only a tenth of the distance between the players.

As an example, 90th beats 5th. 90th moves to 48th, 5th moves down (90th-5th) divided by 10), which is 9 places.

An exception to the above rule is if the players are within 5 ranks of each other. In this case the players positions are simply swapped.

In a match all players will have their losses recorded automatically unless there is a tie.

If the match is a tie after 9 holes you will be informed by a Private Message (PM) after the match completes. Sudden Death is played until there is a winner on the same course / conditions you just played unless all players involved agree otherwise.

Players must play a match within 7 days of the last. Failure to do so within the time limit will see that player dropped 5 ranks, or last place depending on the total number of players.

Hot Six rule
This rule will jump players up 6 ranks for every 6 Hot Six points they achieve. The exception to this is that players can only jump up as far as the #2 rank. If you defeat a higher ranked player you gain 1 point. If you defeat a lower ranked player you gain ½ a point.