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How it works
The "24hr Challenge" tourney uses the PGLS tournament/public section of Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf. Click on Tournaments then click on PUBLIC. When the next box comes up scroll to the bottom and find "24 Hour Challenge". Click on ENTER. You can then either play solo or invite friends from your friends list to play. When playing with 2 or more it will be automatically recorded as a PGLS 9 ladder game.

This runs on the Perfect Golf API system so scores are automatically recorded on the "Live leaderboard" and "in-game leaderboard". This is a Challenge so you can play twice, the best score of the two attempts will be placed in the "Best Score" column.

The 24 Hour Challenge tourney runs each week from midnight on Friday for 24 hours CST (+6 BST).

The "Live leaderboard" and "Course / Conditions" are located via the main menu at PGLS. Highlight "Events", scroll down to 24hr Challenge and click on that.

You should log into the PGLS "Meet and Greet" chat room to get any Private Messages sent concerning this tournament and to coordinate with others to play.